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The Importance Of Building A Brand For Your Business

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If you’ve been running a business for a while, you’re likely to have heard the term “branding.” It may strike fear in your heart at the very thought of crafting what you believe to be an elaborate presentation of yourself and your business; if so, you’ve come to the right place. Many business owners think that branding is complicated and time-consuming, and for those reasons, they never attempt to create a face for their business. In reality, branding sells your story and shares who you are to generate buy-in from customers and potential clients. We all have a remarkable ability to share ourselves naturally, and being able to translate this personable nature to our business will make us approachable, attractive, and highly sought after in a veritable sea of products and services.

Brand Identity 101

Brand identity is your story. It’s who you are and why you choose to serve the public with your products and services. It’s where you create emotion and investment around your story and inspire others to become a part of your dream. Brand identity doesn’t have to be long and drawn out; authentic communication and honest intent will be better for your business than an entire thesis on why your products are the best. Let your personality shine through.

Why is branding important?

It’s surprising how many companies exist that haven’t taken the opportunity to build a compelling brand. For this reason, your ability to do so will put you head and shoulders above your competition. A well-defined brand will elevate your business to the next level, so taking the time to invest in a vision and being able to communicate that to your customers will be an invaluable part of your growth.

A company with a clear vision and story will be more readily accepted by customers and investors alike; employees also have an easier time getting behind the operation and helping you make your dreams come true. Start thinking now about your story; what you want to communicate, what is truly important to you, and why you chose to start your business. While your wheels are turning, read on to see reasons why your brand is an essential part of your growth:

  1. A brand represents a promise. You are promising something to yourself and your customers. You’re telling customers what they can expect from you, and how you should be held accountable for fulfilling this promise. Amazon leader Jeff Bezos was so committed to providing an “anything and everything store” that he worked tirelessly to promote his A to Z philosophy. As a result, his genius brand of Amazon is literally written right into his brand identity logo. Genius.

  2. Brand identity provides direction and focus. A brand communicates to you, your customers, and your employees what you are all about. It is your North Star, providing guidance when times get tough and offering inspiration for new ideas yet to be crafted around your genius concept. It should align with your promise and vision statement; anything else can safely be discarded as you move confidently forward toward explosive growth.

  3. You’ll improve your transaction experience for customers. When your brand detail is solid, innovative, and engaging, everything clicks. Everything from product search and selection to packaging, shipping, and ongoing communication is wrapped up in a neat, tidy package that communicates your company’s mission to your customers. They are left with a sense of security that they have begun a profitable relationship with you and that you’ll respond to their needs when they ask for more.

  4. You’ll engage and align employees. Communicating excitement around a company brand and mission will engage and create buy-in for your employees. Your employees are essentially customers who receive a paycheck from you….and they crave a good story too! If they can get behind your story and feel a sense of purpose and ownership in what you are creating, you’ll stop losing those talented individuals to someone whose passion glows hotter than yours. Sell the business to your employees first, and they will help you build your customer base on the daily.

  5. The whole goal behind brand building is financial growth and stability. A brand will build financial value--and potentially attract investors. Your brand should communicate value to customers and potential investors; people want to invest in business missions that they can understand and believe in. Keep the why in the forefront of your mind, and the how pieces will fall into place as your approach all aspects of your business with excitement, honesty, and integrity.

Ready to dig in? Give us a call!

MaxGroup Business Solutions professionals are experts in all aspects of business growth. Cutting-edge marketing strategies, state-of-the-art customizable business service packages, and a commitment to your business growth make us an invaluable and essential part of your success journey. Let us help you turn your “why” into a brand that lifts your business to the next level of explosive growth. Visit for more information.


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