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When Is It Time To Start My Own Business?


Many entrepreneurs and business owners distinctly remember a moment when going to the office was not an acceptable life choice. Dreading the office, spending the days looking at the clock and counting minutes till the weekend, and doing substandard work for a boss that doesn’t appreciate your efforts are all signs that it may be time for a change.

Not just the Monday blues

These aren’t just signs of the “Monday Blues.” This is a sign that you dread being under the direction of someone other than yourself. While quitting your job may seem impossible, no one needs to lead their life with a feeling of impending doom overhead.

Work takes up a significant portion of your life; you cannot afford to spend that much of your time feeling unfulfilled and unexcited. Now may be the time to quit and consider starting your own business.

Do you have a dream?

As kids, we all had dreams–some of them were attainable, while others were pie-in-the-sky flights of fancy that may never come to pass. You are every bit as likely to entertain dreams and goals now as adults, but they may take a backseat to other obligations like paying bills or taking care of a family.

Having your own business and being financially independent is something that many of us would like to do, but there are risks that come with that kind of lifestyle that take some courage to face. Do you have a dream and passion that you could turn into a business that would positively impact the lives of others? It may just be time to quit your job and pursue that dream. Here are other signs that it’s time to make a lifestyle change for the better.

  1. You could perform your job in your sleep. When was the last time you felt proud about an honest day’s work? If you cannot remember a time when you called your parents with good news, then chances are that you are no longer challenged and stimulated by your job. A sense of pride in your accomplishments is a key motivator to keep showing up and doing your best. Failure to foster a sense of pride and accomplishment indicates that you should move on to greener pastures.

  2. You’re not learning new tricks. Feeling unchallenged in your work means that you’re not learning anything new. Your company may be growing, but your current skills and abilities have become stagnant, and your days are dull, lifeless, and boring. Lack of stimulation is something that no forward-thinking professional should stand for. Look for your passion and purpose through a shift in work.

  3. You are undervalued and underpaid. Pay may not be the only thing motivating you to work, but it is directly related to how much your organization values your contributions. If you are not regularly evaluated and promoted through consistency and hard work, then it’s no wonder you’re getting tired. Putting in your best effort and seeing the rewards that come with it are keys to professional and personal satisfaction.

  4. Life circumstances have changed. If you have recently married or started a family, your motivations for working may have changed dramatically. Work-life goals are now refreshed, and it may be necessary to start building something for future generations. It’s time to dust off those entrepreneurial dreams and start thinking past the paycheck you collect weekly.

  5. You dream of working for….no one. If you envision your highest work ideal with no boss hanging over your head, then it’s now time to consider striking out on your own. Sit down with pen and paper, map out some dreams and goals, and start planning your future intentionally.

Not to worry…..we’ve got you covered!

While there are a few steps to owning your own business that we haven’t outlined here, the process of getting up and running can be significantly enhanced with the professional services at MaxGroup Business Solutions. Business strategies, technology tools, and cutting-edge marketing plans ensure that you have what you need to succeed. Embrace the unknown, collaborate with us, and see where true innovation and creativity can take you. Visit to get started.


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