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Why A Blog Is So Essential


Bold results require bold decisions, and now is not the time to retreat and retract. In a time when business operations are changing and social distancing measures are changing nearly all of our daily interactions, how can we still connect with our customers and deepen relationships with them in a way that will inspire loyalty and consumer confidence?


It’s time for a blog!


What is a blog?

A blog is a website that focuses on written communication---this could be in the form of stories, how-to guides, and other information that you think might be of use to your customers. Blogs exist on everything from food and art to parenting and health, but they can be of tremendous use to the business owner for the purpose of creating a solid customer base. A blog is usually written from an individual perspective, allowing people to connect with you and your brand. How will a blog be useful for your business? Read on to see all the wonderful things that regular blogging can do for you:


  1. Blogging keeps your audience up to date. While a website might be an excellent way to provide an overview of your business, it does seem a little impersonal in light of what a blog is capable of. A blog offers more flexibility in terms of how you connect with your customers--what you provide of value, what you share, and who you are as a person. A blog is a place for you to develop your product philosophies and ideas about business in-depth as you provide information that may be of value to them.

  2. A blog creates long tail and helps to generate traffic. Bless the evolution of search engines, and thanks to the magic of regularly scheduled content; you can be found on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing a bit more efficiently. People search for specific keywords on a regular basis when looking for products and services; if you were to include these buzzworthy words in your blog posts, you’d be directed straight to the top of search engine results lists. If people can find you, they can purchase from you. Keep creating content!

  3. A blog opens a dialogue between you and your customers. Providing insightful information and asking for feedback from customers opens a rich discussion that can lead in you the direction of meeting customer needs directly. If customers feel heard, valued, and respected, they are much more likely to stick with you, knowing that you are moving in the direction of meeting their most pressing needs. Give them what they want in terms of information and product development, and they will keep coming back for more time and again.


  1. A blog will help your database grow. Email marketing is an effective strategy, but it’s not always the best way to get information out to your customers. First of all, it’s not easy to get people to sign up if they suspect they might be “sold to.” Secondly, you would rather have people coming to you for information rather than having to go knocking on their cyber-doors. When people sign up for blog post notifications, they are telling you that they believe you have information that is of value to them. They look forward to maintaining a positive relationship with you as you continue sending outposts and calls to action.

  2. You will unleash the power of social media exposure. The more you regularly post content, the more likely you will be able to link up social media accounts for greater exposure. Social media presence, blog posts, and other web actions combine and exponentially increase your chances of attracting new traffic. Taking time to consciously build your brand using these tools will have you attracting new customers with every post.


Need a little help? Try us out for size!

At MaxGroup Business Solutions, we know what it takes to succeed in business. A combination of professional experience, a passion for growth and expansion, and the knowledge and tools to take your business empire to the next level. If you want a little boost in the blog department, we can get the job done. Visit for more information.


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